X1 has decided to disband, according to the agencies of members +

  • 6.01.2020 15:45:57

It was the fishy results from 'Produce X 101' that kicked off the whole voting manipulation and fraud case against Mnet survival properties, though recently it did seem like the group that spawned from the show was set to continue. However, in a surprising turn, all the companies involved in the group announced they will disband.

Hello. This is Play M Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, TOP Media, OUI Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, DSP Media, Starship Entertainment, and Brand New Music. The X1 members and each of the agencies negotiated under the condition of unanimous agreement, but we could not come to an agreement, so we have decided on their disbandment.

CJ E&M not having the agencies agreeing on resuming activities before holding a press conference to infer they would be returning soon seems to be the cause behind the sudden change.

CJ ENM commented, "CJ ENM worked for X1 to resume activities, but we respect the position of the agencies that decided on X1's disbandment."

Yeesh. I mean, it makes sense for CJ E&M and Mnet as why wouldn't they just continue on? The fans still exist, so why not try to salvage what they can? Thus, maybe they tried to put some pressure on the companies.

The problem is basically that the companies decided it wouldn't be worth putting their idols through that and they judged (probably correctly) that the sooner they move on from the now toxic X1 and 'Produce 101' branding the quicker they can get rid of the stench that unfortunately now comes with it. Generally shitty for the members themselves that it's come to this but ultimately I get why the companies did it.

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