Bitcoin Is Asset to Beat Over Next 12 Months, Claims Nearly 50 Percent of Investment Professionals Polled

  • 14.11.2019

Blockchain research firm Chainalysis has published its findings from a recent poll of investment professionals. According to the report, almost 50% of survey participants are bullish on the bitcoin price over the coming 12 months, pointing to BTC as the asset to outperform all other investment categories. More than 300 financial professionals participated in the survey across "banks, credit unions, financial services providers, and regulatory agencies." Coming in at second place was the S&P 500, which 33% of survey participants expect is the investment to beat over the next year. Despite the bullish outlook on bitcoin, many investors have yet to dip their toes into the crypto waters. Chainalysis chief executive Michael Gronager stated: "Many finance professionals understand that cryptocurrency presents a massive opportunity, yet institutions are hesitant to enter the market due to perceived risk and some don't even realize the exposure that they already have to cryptocurrency."

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