Championship would come with the experienced players..

  • 24.01.2020 02:19:08

Hello everyone.. I am reading tons of news about the NBA trades and i am sure that they will be some important changes will come to us until the deadline which is on 6th February.. As far as i read there are some teams which fighting for NBA Finals and their needs.. There are also too many speculations i believe it means something big is coming.. I think all teams know that the veteran players could be very useful specially in play-off times.. And they should search for them!

Houston Rockets.. Yes, they need a veteran players who could help them in big games in playoffs. And i am agreed with the rumors and thinking about Andre Iguodala for them. What would you think? He will be helpful? We all know that he became NBA Finals MVP and helped his team Warriors twice for their championships with his amazing plays.. He could take the responsibilites in big time when he needed! I would recommend Rockets this trade, do you? :)

And i believe Derrick Rose would be great fit for the Los Angeles Lakers? Wouldn't he? I believe he could play in LeBron's team.. He is actually playing great this season, averagin 18.5 points per game. Last time he averaged +18.5 points was in 2011 season. He is only 31 years old now i feel very happy to watch him healthy.. I also want him to become NBA Champion at least ones.

At the other hand Miami Heat eyed on 3 important names, which are Jrue Holiday, Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul. They are ready to sacrifice Derrick Jones Jr., Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk and Justise Winslow. What would you do say if you chose one of them? CP3 or Lowry or Holiday.. I would go with the CP3 for sure..

12 days letf for NBA deadline and i feel that some important changes will made in NBA.. We will see.. Thank you for reading..

Burak Sivas

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