Chris Webber describes his favorite LARRY BIRD trash-talking story featuring Rodney Rogers: Welcome to the parachute club rookie

  • 31.07.2020 15:15:19

It might sound like a surprise, but Chris Webberwas a big fan ofLarry Bird, especially after seeing what Larry did to Rodney Rogers in a scrimmage game.

It was the year 1992, and the original Dream Team was preparing for Barcelona, and one of the games they had organized was against the top college players of that time. In the next couple of years, this team featured several players who would become NBA All-Stars and, in general, great and respected players.

Surprisingly enough, young college players were playing exceptionally well and presented the Dream Team a lot more challenges than anyone initially anticipated. At that time, Chris Webber played at the University of Michigan and remembered a scene that will always be stuck in his head and involved Larry Bird and Rodney Rogers.

Rogers was a very gifted athlete and a talented defensive player who had to learn the hard way not to mess with Larry Bird, who was already well past his prime. Webber saw Bird pump-faked Rogers so bad he literally flew beside him into the stands. Bird casually nailed a jump shot and proceeded to trash talk in his fashion.

"My man Rodney Rogers. Strong, fast, quick, and athletic, and Bird just set him up in the corner. Someone drove to the corner and passed it to Bird, and then you see Rodney Rogers take a full sprint. Unfortunately for him, he jumped, and while being in mid-air, Bird said: "Welcome to the parachute club rookie". Bird watched him fly by and shots the ball the same way Curry does when he shots it and just kept walking down, shaking his head, thinking how these youngsters will never get it."

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