Darren Collison is coming back!

  • 2.01.2020 18:59:48

As you remember i have wrote an article 4 months ago, which subjected "Darren Collison choose Religion over NBA".. In off season he has decided to leave NBA and focus about "Jehovah's Witness"..

That was shocking decision for everyone and that's why i've wrote an article. He was playing at Indiana Pacers and he was on starting 5! He could easily get $10-15 millions per year and he could play 3-4 more years because he is 32 years old..

But today we had great news about him, ESPN writer Adrian Wojnarowski made statement and he said that he wants to bask to NBA.. He added that Collison wants to be in Los Angeles so we can say that he could land LA Lakers or LA Clippers. February 6 is the deadline for the teams for adding players so we could see him signing soon.. Also Collison's agent Bill Duffy says that he is close to making his comeback..

I don't know why he wanted to leave and why he wanted to come back but i love to see him on the floor. He is solid team player and would be very useful if he signs back..

If you want to remember him you can watch his 2018-19 NBA Highlights here

Burak Sivas

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