Dilan Cruz.. The inexplicable murder that changed Colombia's anti-government protests

  • 26.11.2019 08:35:28

The death of an 18-year-old man who was shot by Bogota police during Colombia's anti-government protests turned what began as a carnival into mass mourning on Monday.

Bogota resident Dilan Cruz was shot in the head by police on Saturday while unarmed and running away from the loathed ESMAD riot police. He died from his injuries Monday evening.

A gaping wound

The moment that the hospital announced that Cruz was in a critical state and in an induced coma on Saturday, President Ivan Duque had already lost the stand-off with the largely peaceful national strike organizers.

The death of Cruz, who had become a symbol of the chronic abuse of power and excessive force used by the ESMAD, ended a two-day vigil of hundreds of protesters in front of the hospital.

Colombians reacted with a mix of rage and profound sadness. Protesters in Bogota expressed their conviction that Duque's 15 months of misrule will be ended without one more drop of unnecessary blood. 

Source: colombiareports

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