How was Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird seen by his peers in the NBA?

  • 10.05.2023 17:16:35

Among fans of the Boston Celtics, Hall of Fame small forward Larry Bird is usually near the top of lists of their favorite players and for good reason. The Hick From French Lick (as Bird was lovingly called for a nickname) was beloved for his play as much as his will to win and trash talking.

But how was Larry Legend seen by his peers in the NBA in that era? To get an answer to that particular question, host Sean David of the "Basketball Time Machine" podcast went out and tracked down interviews held with Bird's peers over the length of his iconic career.

The results of David's compilations efforts were then stitched into the video that we have embedded below for you to watch and answer the question posed about Bird for yourself. Make sure you check it out.

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