Insiders claim that some members of X1 are positively discussing potential promotions as a unit

  • 8.01.2020 20:36:46

On January 8, one exclusive media report claimed that some members of the recently disbanded project group X1 are positively considering the potential of new unit promotions. 

In the words of an industry insider, "Many fans are disappointed to see the group disbanded so suddenly. A few of the members' agencies are discussing the possibility of a project unit, made up of members with intentions to promote together." 

If a new unit born of former X1 members comes about, it's expected that the unit will promote for a limited amount of time, with a similar pattern to project group JBJ.

Currently, some fans are against the idea of a new X1 unit, arguing, "This will unofficially announce which members were against the idea of X1 continuing promotions." What do you think of the idea of a project unit group?

Source: allkpop

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