James Harden is Getting MAD!

  • 2.12.2019 18:05:40

James Harden went 60 points last night against the Atlanta Hawks and he did that in just 30 minutes! He didn't play in 4th quarter.. I believe he could easily score 80 points if he played more because Hawks got the worst defence that night that's why they had 158 points! He also had +78 Efficiency Points and i have never seen a performance like this one before.. I really got shock after i watched him playing just like a crazy 💥 That was one of the greatest performance ever shown.. He able to hit 8 three-pointers in 14 try and also scored 20 points from the faul line in 23 try..

As i am saying, Harden reached 60 points with 24 shots and that was the best +60 points performence in NBA History.. The previous best performance was Karl Malone's, he scored 61 points in 26 shots in 1990. Last 60 points in three-quarter NBA performance was in 2017, Klay Thompson scored 60 against the Indiana Pacers in just three-quarter, but he had 33 shots, Harden had 24!

Harden, 2018 NBA MVP, scored 60 points in 24 field goal attempts which seems impossible and that was his fourth career +60 points game and he got tied with Michael Jordan in this stats. Jordan has 4 times +60 points game, Kobe Bryant has 6 times and legend Wilt Chamberlain has 32 (!) +60 points games.. Harden would surpass Kobe easily but i believe no one will be able to brake Wilt's record ever..

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