John Stockton Remembered As Rookie That Larry Bird Walked By Bench And Warned ..

  • 22.09.2022 17:00:15

Many stories perfectly describe how great Larry Bird was. The Boston Celtics legend was a fierce competitor that didn't hesitate to call out people and destroy them on the court to assert his dominance. Bird was always ready to put up a show to bring his rivals down while giving fans what they wanted to see.

We already know how passionate he was about basketball and how serious he was about winning. Larry was very confident in his talents, and he predicted how things would go before they happened. Besides predicting that he would win contests, Larry also often dared to say how many points he would score before a game and reached that exact number too.

When another legend was starting his NBA career, he saw firsthand how great Larry was and how serious he was about fulfilling his promises. John Stockton saw Larry Legend doing his thing at a young age, which is something he'll never forget.

John Stockton Remembers When Larry Bird Predicted He Would Score 43 Points On The Utah Jazz

Back in 2018, during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, the Utah Jazz legend talked about his favorite Larry Bird story of all time, and he didn't hesitate, choosing one that he lived during his first campaign in the association.

That's how incredible Larry was. He just said a number, went for it and then left the game. He had that dog in him, and even though he didn't look like the fierce competitor he was, Larry always proved to people why they should have never messed up with him.

He once was close to recording a quadruple-double and checked himself out because he had 'done enough damage', so you know this guy was very different. This happened nearly 40 years ago and is still unbelievable. Stockton never forgot that moment, and it's easy to see why.

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