Larry Bird gets angry with his fan!

  • 7.01.2020 17:45:20

Larry Bird.. My legend.. But he is angry with one of his fans now. Jules Muck who is street artist from California.. He drawed a big Larry Bird mural on his family house wall which stands in Indianapolis Fountain Square street, per news of section, the Indianapolis Star..

Bird attorney Gary Sallee told the press that Larry Bird is a brand and he doesn't look like this mural. We need to protect Bird's rights and the artist should clen his mess up.. Larry Bird never want to see that image again. Becuase Larry Bird has no tattoos in his body and this mural make him look in different ways.. Sallee also add that; "We know %98 NBA players have multiple tattoos on their body and it is their choice, Larry Bird never had any problem with tattoos but he never wanted to have it as well..

You can watch the full detailed video here👇👇👇

I think the fan does great thing to create mural but he didn't do it in right way.. If i am Larry Bird i also wouldn't like that because it wouldn't reflect me at all.. So he needs to remove that and should apologize to Larry Legend.. We need to know how to love, we should always be careful and respectful..

Thank you for reading..

Burak Sivas

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