Larry Bird lit up the Chicago Bulls and went on to talk trash to the cheerleaders: How the Boston Celtics legend didnt even spare the cheerleaders

  • 8.08.2021 14:08:16

Quinn Buckner, the former teammate of Larry Bird, reveals how the Boston Celtics legend didn't even spare cheerleaders from his ruthless trash talking.

Long before the league was dominated by LeBron James in the 2010s or Kobe Bryant in the 2000s or Michael Jordan in the 1990s, it was Larry Bird who was one of the deadliest players in the league, back in the 1980s.

Long-time Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird is one of the most gifted offensive players the league has ever witnessed. However, apart from being an elite scorer, Larry Legend was also known for his superb trash-talking skills. Bird was so gifted that he would often tell his defenders exactly how he planned on scoring and would end up pulling that exact same move.

On various instances, the 6-foot-9 forward would take his trash-talking skills to a greater level altogether. Like the time he recorded an insane 47-point triple-double using his left hand throughout the game or the time when he was so confident he was winning the three-point contest that he entered the locker room and asked "So, who's coming in second?" And obviously backed it up.

"Didn't we talk about this before?" Dan Patrick asked Quinn Buckner. "When you guys played the Chicago Bulls, first round of the playoffs, and you guys went out. It might have been you and [Rick] Robey. And you went out with Bird, and the Chicago Bulls cheerleaders bought you beers, figuring they could get Larry drunk. And then Larry lit them up, and then walked off the floor and walked by the cheerleaders and said, 'Thanks for the beers.'"

Quinn Buckner simply answered the question saying:

"I didn't tell you the story, but the story is true."

Larry Bird is one of the greatest trash-talkers in league history and also had the skill-set to back up his smack talking. While it is still unknown what exact game is this story from, the  Celtics swept the Bulls 4-0. Larry Bird had managed to torch the Bulls averaging 23.5 points, 13 rebounds and 7.5 assists.

Clearly, there cannot be any other player quite like Larry Bird.

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