Larry Legend in 2 minutes

  • 25.11.2019 22:35:58

Larry Bird.. A true legend.. One of the best basketball player ever lived.. Always stayed with the Celtics and become legend there.. His basketball iq was better than most of the player. That's why we call them legends, player like Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Larry Bird. Both have great court vision and that's why i call them legend..

Anyways i wanted to make a short video and wanted to show you why Larrry Bird is one of the greatest.. This video is made by me, if i have any mistake please let me know because this is my first ever video :) I will also prepare videos more about the NBA history and more about the NBA Legends, because i want everyone know about them.. I believe that my next video will be about Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan..

Thank you, hope you would like it, and if you subscribe my channel i would be blessing.. Thanx again..

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