Letting your little brother watch Larry Bird for the first time!

  • 30.06.2021 17:14:25

As you guys have surely noticed, we've done several YouTube Golds with Larry Bird, either highlights or other guys telling stories about his presence on the court. Some of the stories are hilarious, like him telling Xavier McDaniels exactly what he's going to do after the time out and then doing it, or telling a rookie that he's going to foul and the rookie, somehow, just can't help but to do it.

This video isn't one of those and Bird's not really the star.

The guy who put this together is normally the star on his own channel, but he's not the star either.

So who is?

His little brother.

The kid is a guest on his big brother's show and aside from the warmth they have for each other, the fun part is first the kid's infectious personality and second, his reactions to seeing Bird play for the first time.

This is really a lot of fun.

Source: dukebasketballreport

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