Magic Johnson opens up about a new documentary series

  • 3.04.2021 01:22:21

Magic Johnson reveals that there is a documentary in the works based on his life and NBA career, featuring Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. 

Magic Johnson is the best point guard to have ever touched a basketball. And during his prime, his battles with Larry Bird were essentially the best the NBA had to offer.

Ask any fan of the NBA from that era, and they will tell you how incredible the former player's career was. A 5-time NBA champion, 3-time MVP, and a 3-time finals MVP, few have ever been able to match the career of Magic Johnson.

And, as the Lakers legend has revealed, we will soon be getting an inside look at his life leading up to and in the NBA. Let's get into it.

"I was in Michael's ear to be in mine": Magic Johnson speaks in detail about his upcoming documentary

Recently, Magic Johnson was on Bakari Sellers's podcast. And as they spoke about many different things relevant to basketball, the former player decided to drop a bomb.

I got my own documentary coming out. We're filming it now. I was in Michael's ear to be in mine, President Obama. We got great people who are going to be in my documentary as well. So we're still filming it now. A lot of the Lakers, Isiah (Thomas) will be in it as well, Larry Bird. It's going to be great, but it'll be completely different from the Last Dance."

"We needed the Last Dance because we needed some live programming and some content that we could all wait for every Sunday, so thank you, Michael, for that. It'll cover my whole life from Lansing, Michigan, growing up in a family of 10, all the way to becoming a businessman and my belief in the lord. It's going to cover all those things."

To call 'The Last Dance' documentary a success would be the understatement of the century. Older and younger fans alike tuned in weekly with heavy anticipation while the show was airing. But now that it is over, the NBA community is looking for a similar type of show to watch. And because of that, this was the perfect time to announce this upcoming documentary.

But, only time will tell if it can get close to the heights that Michael Jordan's documentary was able to reach.

Soource: Sportsrush

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