Marcus Smart is very similar to Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird, here is why..

  • 19.11.2019 18:31:06

Despite having different game styles, and playing different positions, in many ways Marcus Smart is arguably the closest thing the Boston Celtics have had to Larry Bird since... well, Larry Bird.

Boston Celtics legend and NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird joined WEEI's Ordway, Merloni, & Fauria's afternoon radio show on Wednesday taking part in Diabetes awareness.

Bird reflected on his thirteen year playing career with the Celtics, and what it meant to be an athlete in Boston representing the Shamrocks and the city, as he's risen to the top of Boston's "Mount Rushmore." 

 We all have heard about the grit and attitude Bird brought to the parquet every night. The man wouldn't tolerate for any disrespect towards not only himself, but his teammates as well. He was the heart-and-soul of the Boston Celtics during his tenure with the team.

Bird was widely known for his "smack talk" towards his opponents during games. From calling the shots he would take, to physically fighting the opponents; Bird was (and still is) a true bad-a**. 

For his career, "Larry Legend" recorded impressive averages of 24.3 points,10 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. Bird would go on to win three NBA championships and two finals MVP awards with the Boston Celtics.

As I think of the current state of the Boston Celtics, there's only one player in particular that comes to mind when thinking of "Larry Legend"... Marcus Smart. 

Source: FanSided

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