Netizens react to X1 disbandment!

  • 7.01.2020 18:04:06

Netizens have been reacting after news of project group X1's disbandment following the revelation of voter fraud that led to the 'Produce 101' series to be wrapped up in a scandal.

Many netizens have been saying that disbanding was the right thing to do and have been expressing their opinions on online community boards and online Korean portals. 

Some comments include: 

"This is good for them. They wouldn't have been able to promote with the scandal following them around."

"IZ*ONE and Fromis9 should disband too. They mocked the nation with their fraud and shouldn't earn a penny more from it."

"If they kept going they would have been tied to the scandal forever. Now they're free to do what they want and have a new beginning."

"Well... this is the only choice they have." 

What do you think? 

Source: allkpop

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