Paul George was calling Larry Bird out

  • 3.01.2020 19:10:41

Clippers were playing the Pacers in Indiana and Paul George was booed when he got the ball. This wasn't his first time playing in Indiana, but his third, so the crowd reaction surprised people a little bit. Hoosiers love their basketball, but it seemed a bit much. After the game George said this:

"You know, someday I'll do a tell-all and tell the leading events of how I left Indiana, and I promise you, I'm not the one to boo."
Paul George

"The belief in Indiana is that he's referring to Larry Bird. When he came back from the broken leg, he played a little bit at the end of one season. his last full season in Indiana, they wanted him to play power forward, and really forced him into it."
Brian Windhorst

As Windhorst explained it, there was back-and-forth but Bird put his foot down and said George has to do what he is told because Bird is the boss. Everything we know about Larry Bird is that he has a very down to earth perception of being a basketball player. The man literally broke his back and continued to play because he felt that as long as he can walk, he has an obligation to be out there. For such a blue-collar mentality, refusing to play a position is out of the question.

If this is all to it, that George seriously misunderstands why fans boo players when they leave. But, PG did mention that there were "events," and it seemed like he had something very specific in mind. There is a possibility there was a moment when someone crossed a line, and we will have to wait for his tell-all to find out. 

Source: basketballnetwork

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