R.I.P David Stern.. Former NBA commissioner dies aged 77

  • 2.01.2020 04:54:49

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern died on Wednesday at the age of 77. His death comes just a few weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Dec. 17.

Stern was the commissioner of the league for 30 years, holding the position from 1984 through 2014, and was succeeded by current commissioner Adam Silver.

When he first entered the league, basketball was not what it is today. Over his tenure, the popularity of the sport grew exponentially.

His impact was felt by many, and even those who entered the league after his time as commissioner were benefiting from changes he helped put into place in the sport.

Following the news of Stern's death, NBA teams and former and current players took to social media to express their gratitude for what Stern did for the league.

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