There is nothing better than going on the road. I dont care who you are playing

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Larry Bird admitted that he enjoyed the feeling of the win, especially when it came against the home team.

 Larry Bird starred in a wide array of historic moments at The Garden and holds a special place in the hearts of every Boston Celtics fan. However, the man in question confided that while winning at home was priceless, there was always something that made a victory on the road sweeter.

Larry Legend revealed that for him, road wins, be it regular season or playoffs, were what he considers the "greatest" moments of his NBA career.

"I like to win, too. I like the outcome when you win. There's nothing better than going on the road. I don't care who you're playing to get that win on the road, you know, we always felt we were going to win a home [game] but going on the road, beating anyone, and us getting on that bus and talking about the game, I always thought that was the greatest," Bird told his former Celtics co-star Kevin McHale in a special interview in 2020.

Larry's best road games

In retrospect, Bird indeed seemed extra pumped up whenever the Celtics hit the road. What Bird appointed as the greatest game of his NBA career took place during a road game.

Taking a quick trip down memory lane, "The Hick from French Lick" registered a near quadruple-double during a victorious visit to Utah Jazz on February 18, 1985. In just 33 minutes of action, Bird tallied a total of 30 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 9 steals.

Less than a month later, he put on another spectacular performance on the road. During a road game against the Atlanta Hawks, which took place at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, Bird logged his career-high 60 points and led the Celtics to a huge 126-115 victory over the Hawks.

The further, the better

Bird wasn't only proud of being a Celtic but, more so, a native of the United States of America. Taking into account that Larry Legend's favorite crowning moments were his triumphs away from home, it was no surprise that his greatest career achievement was winning the gold medal in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

"It was a great experience playing for your country," Bird once reflected. "The Olympics was the ultimate. That was at the end of my career, I knew it was over for me. Being a young kid and being able to watch the Olympics on TV, and watching participants getting their gold medal, and their (country's) song was played, that was the ultimate for me."

Larry was cut from a different cloth, so it is no surprise that he liked the hostile environment and used it as fuel for his memorable performances. He wanted to show in every basketball arena that he is, for a reason, known as Larry Legend

Source: basketballnetwork

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